Making employees happy

We’ve recently been in the news because of our employee benefits. We’re firm believers here at Clothes2Order that we work for a fantastic company and we’re all treated very well as staff and it’s great to see that such a positive thing has been written about our company on a few different websites. We have fruit in the kitchen, parties twice a year, our own personalised mugs, chocolates on our birthday, etc.

benefits news


Now we’ve got a new employee benefits package which includes:
– Shopping vouchers for improvement ideas which are implemented
– Attendance bonuses
– Health benefits
– Childcare vouchers
– Cycle to work scheme
– Emergency loans
– And even more!

Read all about it online here


We’ve printed t-shirts for the whole of Barbados…twice!

  • Friday, July 24th, 2015  | 
  • T-shirts
Ever wondered what 763,026 t-shirts look like?

Check out our infographic below to see just how many t-shirts we've printed at Clothes2order HQ...

Have a t-shirt design in mind? Let us know and we'd be happy to offer you some advise on what
t-shirt to choose. Or alternatively you can check our our article on Choosing the right t-shirt.
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Clothes2order shortlisted for 2015 National Business Awards


Clothes2order team











23rd July 2015

Today, Clothes2order has been shortlisted for the Digital Business of the Year and The Customer Focus Award for the 2015 Lloyds Bank National Business Awards. Clothes2order is a rapidly growing business based in Manchester, producing printed and embroidered clothing for uniforms, promotions and events.

Going up against other finalists, Clothes2order will compete for the prestigious award, with the winner being revealed at the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards gala dinner held on 10 November at Park Lane’s Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Michael Conway, Managing Director said: “It is incredibly pleasing to have our efforts recognised and has further driven our aspiration to continually enhance our digital offering through creating customers who are not only happy with our service, but who become advocates of our brand.”

An all encompassing range of industries are represented in the shortlists for this year’s awards, with companies from recruitment and children’s clothing, to pet food and online marketing being selected for the chance to win a coveted Lloyds Bank National Business Award.  The scale of the finalists is just as varied, with companies turning over less than a million pounds to over £25 million, employing 20 people or over 70,000 people.

Tom Broughton, Programme Director of the National Business Awards said: “The quality and range of this year’s entries exceed even those of last year, which is no mean feat. The draw of being involved with the Lloyds Bank National Business Awards has seen companies from all kinds of industries submit applications, which have been narrowed down using our thorough and comprehensive scoring system. We are now looking forward to the next step in the judging process and meeting some of the finalists face-to-face.”

Finalists were chosen from the hundreds of businesses that entered or were nominated across 18 award categories. They will now prepare for live presentations to expert judges who will decide the overall winners that will be revealed at the awards ceremony on 10 November.







Visit for a full list of all finalists or for details on how to attend the event.

To shop at Clothes2order, visit us at

Fancy winning £100 to spend on your next order?

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We’re giving away a £100 to spend on your next order, EVERY month!

You can enter our competition with 3 simple steps:

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We will notify a winner on the 27th of every month.

Good Luck and Happy Snapping!


Terms and conditions:

One customer every month will win £100 of Clothes2order credit to spend site-wide on Winner will be drawn on 27th of every month. Entries recevied after 27th of every month will be drawn in the next month’s competition. Entries received before 27th of every month will be drawn in that month’s competition only. Clothes2order reserves the right to end any promotion at any time.


Choosing the right t-shirt

Sometimes the simplest choice can be a little baffling! There are a variety of options when looking for a T-shirt; different fits, necklines, and fabrics. I’ve put together this handy little blog post guide to try and help make sense of all the jargon out there! (We also have an old post with a glossary which is really useful if you fancy a nosey.)

A T-shirt is always a safe bet and we’re sure it’ll never go out of fashion; its strength is in its simplicity and versatility.

By altering details, like the length of the sleeves, colour (and of course the print or embroidery you choose to customise them with), you can create a wide range of looks to appeal to more people.



Different neck lines will suit different styles and occasions, for example crew neck/round neck is the most popular cut and choice. V-necks are more casual but also quite classy, and they can be worn both by men and women.

There’s also polo collars which combine a neat appearance with comfort and they can be a good substitute for formal shirts in the workplace.

A T-shirts success also depends on its fit. Remember, some types of T-shirts are supposed to be loose, others are best worn tight, and an average fit won’t look good on everybody.

Keep in mind who the wearer will be, and if you want to attract men and women equally, you should consider both regular and ladies fits.

GildanFabric Type

With regards to the fabric composition, T-shirts are typically made with 100% cotton, cotton blends, polyester, or polyester mesh. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages of course!

Most people tend to find that cotton is the perfect choice because pure cotton is natural, soft, and comfortable to wear. It’s a natural fibre, good for those who have allergies or find less absorbent fabrics a problem.

Polyester is light, breathable, soft, and comfortable. It doesn’t wrinkle or shrink, but it can have a shiny appearance and is usually worn more for sporting purposes. For sports garments, materials have to be lightweight, durable and capable of preventing perspiration build up.

A fabric blend that is growing more and more popular are Tri-Blends (made up of 50% Polyester/25% Cotton/25% Rayon), widely known from American Apparel these t-shirts are SUPER soft and have a stretchy feel to them.


T-shirts are so popular that it’s really hard to find somebody who doesn’t love to wear them, and a lot of details are personal preference, so for example, I personally have Gildan Ring Spun, Soft Style T-Shirts as my PJs because they’re soft and comfortable, my partner likes Fruit of the Loom and Russel t-shirts, and our customer service manager dreams of American Apparel because “they feel like you’re wearing a cloud”.

There’s a good variety of colours to choose from on and we’ve made it nice and easy to search on our website! On the left hand side of the T-shirt product page (or any product page for that matter) you’ll see ‘Filter Products’ and you can change the size, colour, fabric, gender, brand, etc. on there.

If you’re customising clothing to sell on to your members, fans or customers, the brand of blank t-shirt you choose doesn’t usually matter. Different brands can vary on quality and price, so it all depends on what the t-shirt is being used for and how durable you want it to be. You’ll definitely want to show off your awesome designs, whatever brand you choose!

Have you won over £120 of embroidered polo shirts?

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win over £120 of embroidered polo shirts! We had such a big response, so we thought we’d draw two winners instead of one…

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Win over £120 of Clothes2order goodies!


How to enter:

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3. If answered correctly, you’ll be in with a chance of winning 10 Asquith & Fox polo shirts embroidered with your own logo or design.


Question: For what event did the Foodbank order their embroidered clothing?

A. Manchester 10K Run

B. National Food Drive

C. Supermarket Collection

Answer below with either A, B or C. All entries must be received by Thursday 11th June at midday. Good luck!

ts and cs

What did you last spend £1 on?

  • Tuesday, April 28th, 2015  | 
  • Staff

£1 doesn’t get you very far these days, in fact you can’t even get the bus! But surviving on this small amount each day is the reality for 1.2 billion people across the world.

Karolina Zwierzyk from our embroidery department has been with us for just over two months now and if people didn’t know her name before, they definitely do now! Karolina is just one of thousands of people who have taken part in a challenge and is living on just £1 a day for five days, between yesterday and Friday. The challenge has been organised by Live Below The Line, which is a charity who want to raise awareness, and of course as much money as possible, for the world’s leading anti-poverty organisations.

Live below the line logoThe idea is to buy all the food and drink you need to survive for five days with just £5 (£1 per day). There are no specific rules on what each individual can and can’t do, it’s really up to the person how strict they want to be (e.g. using oil, or spices etc), and Karolina is being pretty strict! Live Below The Line want people to gain first-hand insight into the lives of people living below the poverty line and have the chance to make a difference with the donations raised.

Karolina’s shopping list so far:
Pineapple (because it was going cheap)

I didn’t actually believe her when she said this and so I asked, “well then, what are you eating for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?” to which she laughed and said “for breakfast I have rice, lunch I have rice with pineapple, and for dinner I have rice…. I’m on my second day and I don’t want to eat any more rice so I’m thinking I may buy some bread!”

Karolina Zwierzyk from Embroidery Production

Karolina Zwierzyk from Embroidery Production

“I can’t stop thinking about food!”

She said that she’s finding it particularly difficult because “I like chocolate! I really like chocolate but I don’t want to spend £1 on a bar”, and “last night my house mates all had pizza, but I resisted”

Karolina has chosen Save the Children as her nominated charity and as well as raising money with sponsorship for this challenge, she also does voluntary work with children at the weekends which she enjoys because it makes the kids happy which in turn makes her happy too!

“I’m really delighted to be raising funds for such a worthwhile cause. Across the world, Save the Children are delivering life-saving aid; providing clean water, running vaccination programmes and helping to give  children an education. I know the money I raise during my 5 days of eating on the poverty line really can make a difference.”

You can donate to the cause and help motivate Karolina on the Live Below the Line website here.


Let us know what you’re doing to raise money, or awareness, for charity. We’d love to hear from you and maybe even write a blog post on you too!! You can talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, or send us a photo on Instagram.

22 Stone to Team GB!

As a company, we’ve recently started eating more fruit, we even had a monthly reward of fruit baskets which went down a treat! We’ve got rid of our “emergency chocolate box” from the office to encourage staff to be healthier, and we’ve got a ‘bike to work scheme’ that came in to play earlier this month, which is both good for the environment, cutting down our carbon footprint, improve our health, and helps with the parking situation at the warehouse.

Paul Sellars is our operations director, he has been the main influence behind all of this health and fitness; he joined the company towards the end of last year, and the more I hear about everything he does, the more I’m interested so I thought I’d share it with the world!

Paul - before and after

Paul – before and after

In 2000 Paul had an incident of Atrial Fibrillation and as part of a week’s stay in Warrington hospital he was electric shocked to get his heart back into rhythm. In 2004 the same thing happened in Tenerife, but this time he had intravenous drugs to reset the heart beat. In 2010 he had about 6 attacks in 6 months and ended up seeing a cardiac specialist who gave him 3 choices:

1) drugs with potentially life endangering side effects
2) an operation to scar part of his heart to stop it going out of rhythm, with life endangering side effects
3) stop drinking, change your diet and do some exercise.

He was actually considering these options whilst on holiday in France in the summer of 2010, when his heart went out of rhythm again, and that was that – decision made, to him life is more important than booze, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, chips etc.

When Paul and his family got home, he started to run a 3k loop – he says he stopped about 10 times on the way round for the first few times, and he watched his son disappear into the distance, running ahead of him.  Gradually he got fitter and got to a point where their home scales, that max out at 20 stone, started to register him! He then did his first competitive 10k run in September 2011 which took about 51 minutes, and his first triathlon was in Wilmslow in the summer of 2012.

Paul said “not drinking was the easy bit, and my wife (Ann) sorted the diet bit, making me healthy meals and keeping me away from trash… is probably 4 years since I ordered chips, although I have maintained a healthy relationship with chocolate, cake and biscuits throughout my journey!”

Between 2012 and September 2014 he entered several triathlons and long distance runs – Chester Marathon in 2013 and 2014, Barcelona Marathon in 2014, several standard and half iron triathlons, and then finally in September 2014 he achieved the ultimate goal of the full distance triathlon, finishing 7th in his age group.

This year the events that Paul is officially doing for charity are on his Just Giving page which can be accessed online at  But he always ends up adding a few extras in, so in March he did an extra Duathlon and a 30k trail run in Delamere Forest which he won!
If you don’t think that all of this is impressive, this Sunday he is expecting to do a 103 mile bike ride around North Wales and the big “extra” this year is the European Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Weymouth in September – this is the GB team event, and everybody at work is so proud of him that Michael Conway (the MD) even got a t-shirt made up with “Team Sellars” on it and a picture of a Union Jack.
Rach & Charlotte 5k run
A few months ago, two members of our artwork department ran 5k to raise money for The Stroke Association; they managed to raise over £100 between them. They aren’t usually the running types and it wasn’t the best day for it, Charlotte says “that isn’t sweat, it was the rain!”

This photograph was sprung on them during a monthly update, and of course congratulations is always encouraging and makes other people think how they could improve.

In terms of training, Paul’s typical week goes like this:

Monday 6am – 152 lengths of the swimming pool – 3.8km
Monday 6pm – strength session in the gym
Tuesday 6am – 20km run into work (park the car on the trans Pennine trail)
Tuesday 5pm – 20km bike back to the car
Wednesday 6am – 50km bike into work
Wednesday 5pm – 50km bike home
Thursday 6am – 15km – 20km run
Friday 6am – 80 lengths of the swimming pool followed by strength session in the gym
Saturday 8am – 120km bike ride
Sunday 9am (lie in for him!) – 25km – 30km run

Most days he also does a 20 minute abdominal work out because “a strong core is essential in this game! I do mix things up a bit depending on the weather and up coming events, but that is the standard!”

So as you can see, most of his training is done instead of sleep (although he is lucky in that 6-7 hours sleep is enough for him thankfully).  He says he’s “also lucky that my wife is massively supportive and also enjoys gym work too – so when I go out on Sat and Sun morning, she goes to the gym for the morning too.  I do try to keep a balance between work / home / training but that is a big challenge – hence why I try to take advantage of coming and going to work, rather than sitting in traffic on the motorway!!”

In 2007, Paul’s dad died from Prostate Cancer, so until now, all of his charity work has been done in support of Prostate Cancer UK.

Paul in Barcelona

Paul with his running vest in memory of his dad

This photograph is of him after the Barcelona Marathon wearing a T-shirt that his daughter (Rachel) got designed for him with a picture of his dad on, and the Prostate logo on the back – “I still wear this for all pure running events just to raise awareness and keep my dad’s memory alive!  Last year I raised £1200 for Prostate Cancer.”

This man really is an inspiration, and I think his story is awesome. I know of a fair few people who are going to partake in the Bike To Work Scheme, and I myself will definitely be starting to do more exercise, and getting a vest printed just so I feel cool.

Are you doing anything fitness related to raise money for charity? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, send us a picture on Instagram, or leave a message on here!


Glossary of Terms

Atrial Fibrillation – a situation where rogue electrical pulses make the top 2 chambers of your heart beat very fast (200ish bpm) and irregularly.  The bottom 2 chambers carry on as normal, so blood gets pushed through the heart leaving “ponding” in the lower chambers.  This ponding can lead to clots which when the heart rate returns to normal can be pushed out causing strokes etc .  You become completely knackered – even standing up is a major effort.  In the early days, the treatment was to use defibrillators to shock the heart back into rhythm, over time drugs have been developed to do it, but this takes longer to take effect – 2 days on average

Long Distance Triathlon – 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run (generally swimming in the sea or big lakes)

Half Ironman Distance Triathlon – 21.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 mile run

Duathlon run, bike, run format when the water is too cold! Generally 10k run, 40k bike, 5k run


Meet the team!

  • Friday, April 17th, 2015  | 
  • Staff

I’ve got this lovely new job and you know what it’s like, being excited and nervous all at the same time… and I’ve only moved departments from customer services to marketing! Well, my name is Jade and part of my new role is to write the Clothes2Order blog. I’m pretty new to blogging (unless reading Bakerella counts) so bear with me, but I thought I’d start by introducing myself and some of the C2O office team.

Over the last 18 months we’ve grown from 25 to 70 people, so I’m going to break it down and start by introducing customer service, marketing, account managers, and the finance team.

Just look at this lot… I see these faces on a daily basis!

Office Staff :-)




















If you’d like to know more about some of the faces behind Clothes2order, here are some quick interesting facts about everybody in order of their photos:

Simon: genuinely believes he could have been Mario Kart world champion & used to work for Nick Clegg

Anna: plays the violin, speaks Spanish & used to live in Peru

Jon: was a stunt man in the film Sophie’s Fortune (& I think he looks a bit like Vector from Despicable Me)

Me (Jade): travelled around Australia for 4 months (mainly living in a car) & is getting married in July

Jamie: used to play National League basketball & has a black belt in Ju-Jitsu

Alicia: does the jump splits when she’s drunk, hates being called Alesha & has been on Radio 1 four times

Paul H: plays the drums & used to run a record label

Katy: has emotional eyes (she can’t help but cry when other people do) & has an unusually large tongue

Jim: was a Secret Santa gift & changes his outfit on Fridays, ready to party

Lucie: has been backpacking in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia & isn’t scared easily

Steve: has traveled to Japan 3 times to watch wrestling & is a massive comic book geek with a tattoo inspired by Justice League and Transformers (he met his previous partner, of 4 years, on a Pokémon forum)

Donna: loves to sing, she used to be in a band & was partial to a bit of drag racing when she was younger

Charlie: dreams of being an author & has lived in England for 3 years

Lauren: has a cheeky 3 year son & is a dangerous driver when he isn’t in the car

Paul S: at age 40, he was 22 stone, drank 40 units of alcohol a week and did zero exercise of any sort.  At age 46, he is 13.5 stone, doesn’t drink, exercises for a minimum of 15 hours per week & on Sunday 13th September 2015 will represent Great Britain in the European Long Distance Triathlon Championship, a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, 26.2 mile run! WOW!

Alex: has a MEGA loud cough like a seal & is a trained barista

Jon: used to play rugby for York U19’s and North Yorkshire and he once met Jonny Wilkinson at a tournament & he built his first website when he was 15. 18 years on, he’s still happily working in the same field.

Mev: can speak 5 languages & always comes to work in colour co-ordinated outfits

Jonathan: used to be an amateur boxer & has spent the weekend at Dwight Yorke’s house

Emma: doesn’t think she has ever lost an argument & used to get paid to do R-Kelly cornrows on the side

So that’s us! Now if you call or you email, you’ll know a little bit more about the people you’re talking to :-)

Please let me know what you thought of this post, (even if you thought it was naff) I’d like to know about it and I’ll take constructive criticism on board.

Also, is there anything you’d like to read about in future? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter, or simply leave a comment here.