Making Your Charity Stand Out: Forever Manchester

Customer Stories: Forever Manchester

Charity… The Mancunian Way

Forever Manchester is a charity that funds and supports thousands of grassroots community projects across Greater Manchester. Through donations from individuals and businesses, the charity helps to strengthen communities everyday and enrich local life by inspiring local people to do extraordinary things together. Having been given the opportunity to do a ground collection at Manchester City’s Ethiad Stadium during the Premier League match between Manchester City and West Bromwich Albion back in April, Forever Manchester needed suitably coloured sky blue personalised T-shirts to help convey their charity image and stand out from the crowd. Please take a look at our video here to see Forever Manchester in action on the day:

Choosing the uniform

Forever Manchester chose our bestselling Gildan Men’s Ring Spun, SoftStyle T-Shirt in a sky blue colour, all personalised featuring a printed charity logo, which enabled all 20 volunteers on the day to be easily visible and highly approachable making collections outdoors on the move around the stadium.

City collection














After being aware of our business through our regular donations to the charity, Jean from Forever Manchester told us that she found the entire online order process very “easy-to-use” to get the garments personalised exactly as she wanted them, following our 3 simple steps to order: adding items to basket, customising them, checking out. Additionally, Jean was also very impressed that all the T-shirts punctually arrived in time for the Etihad Stadium event, given that the charity were on a tight schedule, placing their order very close to the big day.













Content customers

Jean was really happy with the quality and fit of the Gildan t-shirts; she also mentioned that the customised branding that they had requested was printed to a really high standard, which made them “easily visible on the day which was important.”













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Customer Stories: Bella Italia

The Story

True taste of Italy

Bella Italia is a successful UK chain of over 90 Italian restaurants, bringing the “true taste of Italy” to our country. They work closely with Italian family businesses to supply authentic Italian ingredients, whilst executive chef Vittorio Lettieri brings his Italian heritage to the menu. Having to work on an outside promotional activity selling their Gelato in Loughborough, Ivanna from Bella Italia wanted comfy, durable fleece uniforms to help convey the brand image and keep her team warm outdoors.

Photo 30-04-2016, 11 03 27













The Order

Choosing the uniform

Bella Italia chose our bestselling Uneek Adults Fleece Jacket in royal blue, all featuring embroidered brand and slogan logos on the front and back of the garments, which allowed the Gelato team to stay highly visible outdoors in their brand colour and enabled them to remain warm whilst on the move.

Photo 30-04-2016, 11 26 57













The Experience

Fantastic service

Ivanna from Bella Italia is a long-standing customer, her experience with us on these fleece jackets has been similar with all other orders with us. She said our customer service gave a “fantastic service”, being “really responsive” to any queries that they had. “Really easy to work with – have never considered changing companies.”

Photo 30-04-2016, 13 51 34













The Outcome

Exactly what they ordered

Ivanna says of her new uniform: “It looks nice, it’s highly visible, it keeps us warm and comfy and it’s durable. We ordered similar items a year ago and the garments and the embroidery on them still look brand new.”

Photo 30-04-2016, 12 00 35













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Paul Sellars’ Top 5 Tips for Race Day

  • Friday, May 20th, 2016  | 
  • Sport

Congratulations! You’ve done all your hard work and training and the big day is just round the corner. To help you feel calm and relaxed ahead of your race, our operations director and running representative of Team GB, Paul Sellars, is on hand to offer some helpful advice:
















Nutrition: What to eat in the morning before the race?

Number 1 tip goes for food and everything else – Never try anything new on race day, so whatever you normally have on training days, stick with it.  I have the same breakfast every day whether racing or training which is a combination of home-made granola and home-made muesli (all the good oats, nuts, dried fruit, desiccated coconut and chocolate chips.  Usually topped with a bit of freshfruit – blueberries are a favourite

running meme 2













Energy: What are the best methods to ensure that you maintain energy through the race?

This needs a bit of simple science to understand!  In simple terms, the body gets its fuel from blood sugar – glycogen (stored in muscles and the liver) and body fat.  The body burns fat at low intensity and switches to glycogen at high intensity (although a bit of glycogen is still needed in the fat burning state.  General guideline is that upto 80% of max heart rate burns mostly fat, above that mostly glycogen (max heart rate can either be tested or 221-age gives an estimate).  The general assumption is that you have enough body fat to last for many hours, but only enough glycogen for about 1-1.5 hours.  So on that basis, if you plan to exercise at >80% of max heart rate for more than an hour, you need to replace your glycogen, which is best done through carbohydrate gels / sports drinks (Lucozade / Gatorade) as these are easiest for the body to digest and turn into energy quickly.  If you plan to plod round slowly for an hour, you shouldn’t need to replace anything during the race.  Failure to look after this is why runners hit the wall……when all available and convertible energy sources are depleted and the body cannot generate fuel fast enough for the current rate of use…..everything starts to slow down

running meme 4












Hydration: Tips on hydration before/during the race?

Hydration is as important as fuel – there is a view that as little as 2% dehydration can affect performance.  That said, the balance is tricky to find – no one wants to stop for a pee every 10 minutes and no one likes that feeling of liquid sloshing around inside.  The week before the race is most important for this, and you will see serious runners with water bottles by their side all week…gently taking in plenty of fluids over long periods.  Prior to race start, I usually sip an electrolyte replacement solution dependent on thirst – and that is the key during the race – don’t feel you have to drink all of the time / at all of the water stations.  I will have a plan dependent on the weather, and always try to get electrolyte replaced fluids in during the race (it is as bad to run out of salt, potassium etc as it is energy / fluid).  You can use water station on the course for this, or carry your own in a bottle belt designed for the purpose. As a rule of thumb, you should pee straw coloured pee – not dark orange and not clear.  Stay away from de-hydrators in the days leading up to the race – caffeine and alcohol being the chief culprits

running meme












Clothes: What type of clothing would be suited for race day?

Nothing new on race day again!  I favour compression gear – top, pants and calf guards with something on top dependent on the weather.  This is the tricky bit – you have to try to dress for how you think you will feel after about 15 mins running.  So lots of people carry an old hoody into the start area and then leave it there (they are collected and given to charity), and then make sure you have something in the baggage drop area for the end of the race.  The rest of it is a fashion show! Hats, caps, sun glasses, gloves etc etc.  The most important thing is running shoes – again, nothing new on race day – they should be well tried and tested but not too worn.

running meme1











24 hours before preparation: What to do/not to do, nutrition, hydration, exercise?

I would have a rest day 2 days before and then do a short, quick run the day before.  Eat normally the day before – maybe some pasta in the evening, but don’t overload (carb loading is ancient science!).  Finally, sleep well the few days before….

running meme 3














Best of luck to all!

Planning on running a marathon or half-marathon in the future? Take a look at our sportswear on our site.


Fundraising Heroes: Walking the coast of Britain for Elizabeth’s Footprint

  • Thursday, May 19th, 2016  | 
  • Charity




Our March Fundraising Heroes were the truly inspirational supporters of Elizabeth’s Footprint. Raising money to support Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity, Natalia has embarked on a year long ‘Walk of Love’ around Britain’s coastline in memory of her daughter. Currently 77 days into her walk, her fundraising target is £100,000 which will go to supporting the work at the Intensive Care unit at Bristol Hospital.

We were more than happy to provide relatives & supporters of Elizabeth’s Footprint t-shirts featuring their design which were worn at the launch night of Natalia’s Walk of Love, helping to raise further awareness of their fundraising efforts.

We think Natalia is a true Fundraising Hero and Clothes2order would like to wish you the best of luck as you continue your coastline walk.

To donate to Natalia to help raise further funds for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, you can visit her Just Giving page here.

Are you a Fundraising Hero? If so, you can enter our competition here to be in with a chance of winning £100 personalised clothing for your charity event.

Customer Stories: Metalhedz

The Story

Rock & roll 

Metalhedz is an online comedy/drama, run by Edinburgh based creative group Dragonstone Pictures. The show focuses on the personal lives of a group of rock music fans, with the purpose of trying to put an end to prejudices against people who dressed alternatively – the show’s slogan being “The alternative crowd aren’t that different”. Simon Fox (creator of Metalhedz), wanted branded high quality t-shirts and hoodies mainly as gifts for the cast, crew and fans of the show.

The Order

Choosing the right garments

Metalhedz made a varied order and chose a range of our popular garments: Gildan Men’s Ringspun SoftStyle T-Shirt, Gildan Adult Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt, Gildan Men’s Standard T-Shirt, Fruit of the Loom Premium Heavyweight T-Shirt and AWDis Girlie Zoodies. Every garment either featured a printed Metalhedz logo, or a slogan design related to a character in the show – which allows cast, crew and fans to be easily noticed and recognised as being associated with the drama.  Simon said that he likes fabrics which are “soft and comfortable, without being more costly” and he discovered that the brand Gildan ticks both those boxes. He told us that the show’s fanbase would sport the clothes more often if they’re “comfortable in the material” – we definitely agree!


















The Journey

Choosing the site

Simon said that he chose Clothes2order after looking around a few different websites and having a bad experience with one site in regards to their quality. From what he could tell, our store “had the best price for the range of different materials, with a lot of glowing reviews” and he ended up having a much better experience with us!

The Experience

Easy to use, always improving

Simon loved how easy our website was to use, with it being “very user intuitive” – the fact that he could upload his logo and decide how it would appear on the t-shirt “was fantastic”. Moreover, he said that he’s found that the “timescales for printing and delivering have become quicker as well even when making large orders” over the two years he has been using our site, going on to say that “the quality of the print/embroidery has always been high and the designs stayed fresh even after multiple washes over the years.”

The Outcome

Highly recommended

Simon says of Metalhedz’s new garments: “I thought they turned out great, the print is really high quality and looks professional, the fit of the t-shirts has been fine as well, not too tight but not too loose.”

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Top 5 Tees & Vests for The London Marathon

  • Friday, April 22nd, 2016  | 
  • Event

London’s calling this Sunday – as 38,000 people will race to the finish line to take part in running the 36th London Marathon. However great the cause might be, when you’re halfway through the race – you may find yourself thinking that wearing fancy dress for running attire may not have been as funny as originally planned! So here at Clothes2order, thinking of you in mind, here’s our pick of the top 5 (practical!) tees or vests to wear at the London Marathon from us:

Fruit of the Loom New Performance T


Gamegear Ladies’ Cooltex Sports Vest


AWDis Contrast Cool T-Shirt


Fruit Of The Loom Ladies Performance T-Shirt


Gamegear Men’s Cooltex Sports Vest


If you want to buy any of these items with your logo on, just hop on over to and check out the products. There are also loads more running events coming up such as the Great Manchester North Run, so snap up these items now!

Customer Stories: Dales Dog Walking

The Story

Paws for thought

Dales Dog Walking is a professional dog walking service, focusing on human and canine interaction, covering the UK areas of Ingleton, Bentham, Burton in Lonsdale, Westhouse & Clapham in the UK. Always working outdoors, Angela Emms (owner of the business) wanted a vibrant and eye-catching uniform that “wouldn’t be able to be missed” when she is walking around the Yorkshire Dales with her dogs.











The Order

Choosing a new uniform

Dales Dog Walking chose our popular Fruit of the Loom Short Fit Ladies Polo Shirts, all featuring an embroidered paw design logo which allows Angela to be easily noticed and recognised whilst dog walking.

The Journey

Standing out from the crowd

Angela told us that she was “very happy with the colour match” to her logo that she provided – furthermore she said that the colour she chose for her polo shirts “went fantastically with the logo colours – so many people have commented on the colours!”

The Experience

Customer Support

Angela highlighted that she found the “process for ordering very easy” and that she was “kept up to date with the progress” of her order every step of the way. Furthermore she said that “it was so great to see a photo of my actual product when it was in production.”










The Outcome

Highly recommended

Angela says of her new uniform: “I’ve had chance to wear my polo shirts & the quality is great – they feel really soft & fit as expected – the size guide on the website was useful for this. I can’t wait for people to see me out & about in them – they will certainly spot me in these colours!”

“Great service & very happy with the product. Will definitely use Clothes2order again & will recommend to others.”

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Clothes2order features on Manchester Evening News

We’re absolutely delighted to be featured by Manchester Evening News today; the daily newspaper’s article shines a spotlight on our recent internal changes that we have made to support our continually rapid growth. This is in regards to the strengthening of our board of directors, with the appointments of Sam Jones as commercial director, the promotion of Simon Turner from marketing manager to marketing director and finally our operations director Paul Sellars being the newest addition of our company board. We love positive articles being written about our company; it reinforces our confidence in Clothes2order as staff and propels us to strive to be the best company that we can be for our customers.

Clothes2order Strengthens Team

St. Patrick’s Day at Clothes2order

We’ve always loved St. Patrick’s Day here at Clothes2order; we enjoy the festivities (and of course the business) that it brings!

As a special gift from us to celebrate, from the 16th-17th March, we’re offering a 20% discount on all Fruit of the Loom Sofspun T-Shirts; simply enter the discount code “PADDY20” at the payment stage. Our very own pot of gold to throw into the Celtic mix!

For your inspiration, here are some printed T-Shirt design ideas for you to look at:

St Paddys Day

Don’t worry; we can print any design you choose for St. Patrick’s Day – we love to print text or logo designs. Although it has to be green, maybe gold (just kidding)! Our easy-to-use website will help you create a high quality design, at an affordable price, that will match your requirements. We care about making sure you are delighted with your order.

What kind of clothing says Ireland or St. Patrick’s Day to you? Please let us know @Clothes2order on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Terms and conditions

1)20% off applies up to 499 pieces on ‘Fruit of the Loom Men’s Sofspun T’ garment only.
2) Valid once per customer.
3) Cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher code.
4) Does not include VAT
5) Code valid from 16th March 2016 – 17th March 2016.

Customer Stories: SPESS Property Group

The Story

Building upon success

SPESS Property Group is a thriving building and refurbishment specialist business working across South London and Surrey. Often working outdoors, SPESS wanted a refreshed & professional looking uniform that would still protect them from the harsh winter weather.


















The Order

Choosing a new uniform

SPESS chose our bestselling Gildan Adult Hoodies, Beechfield Cable Knit Snowstar Beanies and a B&C Explorer Body Warmer all featuring an embroidered logo with their contact details to allow them to be noticed and easily recognised while staying warm on the move.

The Journey

Deciding on colour

“I didn’t really have an idea of what colours I wanted for our uniform at first”, Marc from SPESS said. “The website gave me lots of options to try our logo on, and eventually we settled for the grey tops and cream hats. The possibility of seeing the logo and info on our uniforms before placing an order was a really helpful touch!”

The Experience

Customer Support

Once SPESS had placed their order, they wanted to update a couple of elements of their logo. Our team of artwork and support experts worked closely with the customer to ensure that any adjustments to their design were taken care of immediately until the order was absolutely perfect and to the customer’s requirements.















The Outcome

Professional & Attractive

Marc says of their new uniform: “I couldn’t wait to get the uniforms and when they arrived, the packaging was great – very attractive and the end products were even better!

“We’ve had so many comments on the uniforms and we maintain our high working standards by looking even more professional now.”

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