A couple of days ago the Desperate Housewives star was snapped in West Hollywood in a T-shirt that shows her current desperate state is more about privacy than popularity!  The T-shirt that proclaimed: I want more privacy! 

It’s assumed that thirty-three year old Eva was getting back at the press for following her and her husband around on a recent trip to New York, during which photographers trailed them everywhere.  Rumours suggested then that Longoria might be pregnant.  Both Longoria and her basketball player husband Tony Parker are from large families and friends say they are keen to start their own brood but the press was picking up on some recent prolonged separations between the two which have led to suggestions  that their marriage may be rocky.  Whatever the truth of either rumour, Eva isn’t keeping her desires quiet, even if the desire is for a quiet life!

Eva Longoria courtesy of Mr Azed

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